Monday, July 25, 2011

Speaking Of Dead Grandmothers...

So I was on my way to the strip...

Down, somewhat lonely, desolation row...

When suddenly, a wild Grandma appears! (no photo, as it would be rude to photograph a wild grandma. they are known to bite). Actually I was on LV blvd after stopping by to see an old friend...

(^this one) Just past an Elvi,

Lie a sickened grandmother and two helpless Granddaughters. Obviously heat stroke had set in, and the helpless girls lie and watch helplessly. Being the stand up citizen I am I immediately located a "WATR WON DOH'LR" vender, and purchase WON WATR for WON DOH'LR. I run back to Grans and offer her the WATR free of charge, in hopes she will live to see another day. Granddaughter (one had vanished) thanked me kindly yet confusedly. And I walked away like this:

Knowing I had done the right thing.

On another note... (Not quite as heroic) I did have the privilege of spotting some typical Las Vegas Wildlife.

Exhibit A) Wild Parrot on Wild Pirate, stunk of rum, yet reeked of self satisfaction. (also, had some poopies on his shoulder)

Exhibit B) Wild Homeless Man, known to be honest, and thirsty.

Exhibit C) Wild Fountain Jumpers, like to maintain a nice cool, most likely stealing your wish.

Shortly after exploring I discovered that most of my skin had turned to strange liquid, with a high content  of sodium chloride. In other words, I was sweating my taco-loving butt off. So I raced home to be cooled off by luxury.


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