Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everyday I'm HAIRstlin'

Well I sure did have a productive day!

I woke up promptly at 8am, made myself pretty, had my cereal (cuz you know I gotta have it), and went to two hair model casting calls! The first was at The Wynn, and it seemed like a real WYNN... (sorry)... And then I went to the second casting.

BUT, not until I spent 5 hours wandering aimlessly about the strip, killing time in Starbucks, dancing to kpop, and almost falling asleep in the conference room hallway at the Aria having been the first to arrive at the second casting. Unfortunately, I looked like this...

But alls well that ends well, turns out they liked me and booked me for three days! That's $600 smackaroos!! All for enhancing my beauty! God Bless America.

Stay tuned for this seasons makeover special!

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